Home automation equipment

SkyCover delivers the most complete comprehensive home monitoring systems available. Custom-designed with industry-leading, top-rated components, each package is configured to simplify the security and management of your home.

Save time and money by incorporating home automation modules in your home. From lights to doors and temperature, we’ve got you covered. View our home automation equipment products below:

  • Sky-Cover-Wireless-Carbon-Monoxide-Sensor-GE-TX-63101

    GE TX 6310-01-1


    • Response times: (Based on Parts Per Million)
    • - 70 PPM: 60-240 minutes
    • - 150 PPM: 10-50 minutes
    • - 400 PPM: 4-15 minutes
    • Sensor is rated for a minimum lifespan of 7 years Life
    • Dimensions: 4.68 x 2.75 x 1.85 in. (119 x 70 x 47 mm)
    • Retail Price $99.99
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  • Sky-Cover-Wireless-Smoke-Alarm-GE-TX-6010-01-1

    GE TX-6010-01-1


    • Operates on long-lasting 3V lithium battery
    • Features a simple-to-use “Learn mode” to make programming easy
    • Low battery alert sent to control panel
    • Replaceable optical chamber
    • Integral heat detection
    • Loud integrated siren rated at 85dB
    • Retail Price $ 79.99
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  • Sky-Cover-Wireless-Water-Sensor-GE-NX-695

    GE NX-695


    • Transmitter has a 500 foot operating range from control panel
    • 8-foot cable to make placement of sensor easier
    • 3 to 5 years of estimated battery life
    • Retail Price $49.99
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  • Sky-Cover-Micro-Multi-Purpose-Panic-Button-GE-60-906-95

    GE 60-906-95


    • Activates police, fire, or auxiliary alarms
    • Water-resistant
    • Includes adapters for wall mounting or wearing as a belt clip, watch, or pendant
    • Retail Price $39.99
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